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50 Best Jobs for Your Personality Third Edition

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50 Best Jobs for Your Personality Third Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-910-4

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Pages: 496

Edition: Third

Copyright: 2012 JIST Works

Size: 7.5 x 9.25

Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D.


Research has proven that people who connect their personality type to their career tend to have the most satisfaction and success. With this best-selling book's help, readers will identify their personality type and learn about the 50 best jobs that relate to it.

In Part I readers will discover how personality types relate to careers. In Part II they'll take a self-assessment for determining their personality type: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, or Conventional. In Part III readers are able to browse the best jobs lists which include the 50 best jobs overall for each personality type. Other lists for each personality type include the best-paying jobs, jobs with the highest projected growth, best jobs based on education level and best jobs for the self-employed—more than 150 best jobs lists in all. In Part IV, readers will find a gold mine of facts about the 50 best jobs for each of the six personality types—300 job descriptions total.

This edition offers the most current labor market information, career clusters and pathways for each job, and new best urban and rural jobs lists. New bonus lists by personality type include "Best Jobs for Introverts and Extroverts," "Best Jobs for Persistent People," "Best Jobs for Flexible People," "Best Jobs for Detail-Oriented People, "Best Jobs for Innovators," "Best Jobs for Analytical Thinkers," and "Best Jobs Not Behind a Desk."

This information-packed reference is ideal for anyone seeking the best career fit possible.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Covers a wide range of fields and industries at every educational level.
  • Written by one of the nation's leading occupational experts.
  • Provides a wealth of facts on the jobs that connect to each personality type.


Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Part I. Overview of Personality and Careers
  • Part II. What’s Your Personality Type? Take an Assessment
  • Part III. The Best Jobs Lists: Jobs for Each of the Six Personality Types
  • Part IV. Descriptions of the 50 Best Jobs for Each Personality Type
  • Appendix A: Occupations Ordered by Two-Letter Personality Codes
  • Appendix B: Interest Fields and Groups
  • Appendix C: Definitions of Skills and Related Knowledge/Courses
  • Appendix D: Resources for Further Exploration Index
Author Bio

Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., is one of the nation’s leading occupational experts and appears regularly on national news programs and in major print publications to share his expertise about trends in the world of work. He is a senior product developer at JIST Publishing, has 30 years of experience in the career information field, and is an award-winning career information systems developer.

He has been a researcher and developer at Educational Testing Service, where he helped develop the SIGI Plus computer-based career information system. He oversaw the updating and enhancement of the SIGI PLUS database for more than 15 years. He has served as a board member and as president of the Association of Computer-based Systems for Career Information. Shatkin also is a member of the National Career Development Association and a frequent presenter at its conferences.

Shatkin is the media’s go-to source for up-to-the-minute occupational information and has appeared on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, ABC News Now, the FOX Business Channel’s Money for Breakfast, CNN’s American Morning, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, and many more television and radio shows across the nation. He has been quoted in major print publications including the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, Fortune, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, and Publishers Weekly—just to name a few.

For interview requests or questions about Shatkin, contact Selena Dehne at sdehne@jist.com or (651) 215-7548.


"Whether you're a counselor or a career explorer, this book is a must-have resource....The book is uniquely organized....The information is presented in a clear and user-friendly manner."

—Kristine Dobson, President of Career 1 Consulting

“Personality theory has become increasingly more critical in helping people make effective career choices. This book is an excellent resource that allows people to both assess their dominant personality type and also identify jobs related to that type. By utilizing the system developed by John Holland, this book is the perfect tool for helping people make career decisions and gather occupational information. I recommend this book highly!”

—Dr. John J. Liptak, Associate Director of the Experiential Learning and Career Development office at Radford University

“Helps you determine your personality style and lists sample jobs tailored to different interests and personality styles.” —Stephen Sinclair, Ph.D., Wilson & Associates Consulting Services