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Careers for Me Plus

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Careers for Me Plus
ISBN: FY9283
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Pages: 24


Careers for Me Plus is a 24-page, paper-pencil assessment that helps students learn more about themselves and their personal interests, gain an awareness of various new job titles, be exposed to the concept of school-to-work, gain an understanding of how jobs can be grouped into clusters, and be encouraged to research careers that fit their interests.

Test takers read descriptions of six job clusters and then circle activities or interests they enjoy that are related to that cluster. The six clusters are:

  • Environmental and Agriculture
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Arts and Communications
  • Business and Management
  • Industrial and Engineering Systems

A worksheet at the end of the booklet helps students choose career titles to explore further and guides them through the research process. Optional activities (word search, crossword puzzle) are included.

For use with students in grades 7 through 9.