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Soft Skills Advantage

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Online workshop
Soft Skills Advantage
ISBN: 978-1-59357-835-0
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Length: Two to three hours

Copyright: 2011 JIST Works

The Editors at JIST

No instructor needed. Self-paced. Available 24/7 from any computer with Internet access. ADA and SCORM compliant. If you wish to purchase Soft Skills Advantage or have already been given a registration code, please visit www.jistlearning.net. Customers placing multiple orders of Soft Skills Advantage may do so here.

This self-paced online workshop will teach people how to succeed at work with soft skills. Through seven lessons, individuals learn what soft skills are and why they are important for keeping a job. Many studies have identified the soft, or intangible, skills that employers want in employees, such as honesty, good communication skills, and positive attitudes. Understanding and improving soft skills will help workers at all levels meet and exceed employer expectations.

This convenient workshop includes videos, examples, interactive quizzes, and downloadable content that reinforce key objectives. After completing the workshop, participants can print a "Soft Skills Advantage Summary" and a Certificate of Completion.

Soft Skills Advantage quickly and affordably trains your clients and students without instructors, preparation, and classrooms. Instructors can view clients' or students' workshop status through a convenient Web-based portal.

Workshop Objectives

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Soft Skills. Learn what soft skills are and why they are important for getting and keeping a job.
  • Lesson 2: Having a Positive Attitude. Soft skills include being at work every day on time, showing interest in your work, being positive and friendly, accepting work willingly, and learning new skills.
  • Lesson 3: Being Responsible and Honest: Soft skills include doing your work reliably, avoiding personal activities during work hours, managing your time, using technology wisely, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and being ethical and honest.
  • Lesson 4: Getting Along with the Boss. Soft skills include being cooperative, communicating clearly, asking questions, accepting criticism, taking initiative, and being flexible.
  • Lesson 5: Getting Along with Co-workers and Customers. Soft skills include communicating well, working in teams, handling conflict, showing respect, appreciating diversity, serving customers, and creating satisfied customers.
  • Lesson 6: Dressing for Success. Soft skills include choosing the right clothes, paying attention to your grooming, being conservative with style, and following dress and safety codes.
  • Lesson 7: Being a Professional. Soft skills include fulfilling your company's mission, setting goals, solving problems, showing self-confidence, being a leader, choosing a mentor and managing your career and your life.

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