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A Guide for Middle Grade Students

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ISBN: 978-1-55864-152-5

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Pages: 176

Copyright: 2005 JIST Life

Size: 8.5 x 11

Ed DeRoche, Michele Gallo, Nancy Girvin, and C.J. Moloney

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Many children have not had the opportunity to learn—much less practice—the universal "good character" traits in life. In fact, our culture inundates children of this age with messages that are contrary to character traits most adults want to instill.

While developing reading and writing skills, this exciting new workbook will help teach students the character traits that will help them to lead a successful life. The content includes guiding principles, examples, activities, and exercises for middle school students. It can be used effectively by individuals or in class settings.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Written for middle school students.
  • Teaches character education traits through chapter content and activities—a complete character education curriculum.
  • Each chapter thoroughly covers one of these character traits: honesty, responsibility, respect, citizenship, fairness, caring, perseverance, courage, self-discipline, and trust.
  • Engages children to think about who they are and what character traits they should develop.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Road to Respect
Chapter 2: The Overpass of Honesty
Chapter 3: The Freeway of Fairness & Justice
Chapter 4: The Causeway of Caring
Chapter 5: The Path of Perseverance
Chapter 6: The Streets of Citizenship
Chapter 7: The Bridge to Courage
Chapter 8: The Boulevard of Responsibility
Chapter 9: The City of Self-Discipline
Chapter 10: The Turnpike of Trust
Chapter 11: Destination Success


Author Bio

Dr. Ed DeRoche is the co-author of Character, a professor in the School of Education at the University of San Diego, and Director of the International Center for Character Education. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut. Formerly an elementary and middle school teacher and principal, DeRoche has written and presented nationally on creative problem solving in schools, school administration, and character education. He is a highly respected advocate of character education and is a renowned educator.

Michele Gallo is a teacher with elementary and middle school experience and a site leader for character education within her community. She has served as a mentor for juvenile offenders and presented on character education at universities and leadership academies. She is a member of the Board of Advisers for the International Center for Character Education.

Dr. Nancy Girvin is a distinguished educator in California who has also taught in England and Ohio. She has written journal articles and given presentations for a wide variety of professional educational organizations. The title of her doctoral dissertation was The Use of Nine Factors for Institutionalizing Change to Sustain a Character Education Initiative in Middle Schools. Girvin was selected California Middle School Principal of the Year in 2000 and honored as one of four finalists for National Middle School Principal of the Year in 2001.

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