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Federal Resume Guidebook Fifth Edition

Strategies for Writing a Winning Federal Resume

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Federal Resume Guidebook Fifth Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-850-3

Pages: 448

Edition: Fifth

Copyright: 2011 JIST Works

Size: 8.5 x 11

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman


Because federal jobs tend to offer high pay, great benefits, and a strong employee support system, they are some of the most coveted opportunities in today's job market. As a result, competition for these jobs is at a record high. To survive the initial resume screening, let alone achieve one of these in-demand jobs, candidates must understand how federal resumes are different from resumes for other occupations and know how to write them effectively.

Federal Resume Guidebook reveals this essential information and much more. Recently, the Hiring Reform Initiative changed the federal hiring process. This edition explains these new processes and procedures and teaches people how to write winning federal resumes.

Readers learn how to effectively include KSAs in their resume, maximize their resume's presentation in Online Format, and maximize the readability of their USAJOBS federal resume. Readers also gain guidance for analyzing vacancy announcements to pinpoint keywords, mastering the Assessment Questionnaire, and applying for federal jobs. In addition, this book showcases more than a dozen federal resume samples to demonstrate which components stand out best to HR specialists and hiring supervisors.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Federal Resume Writing with OPM and Presidential Hiring Reforms
Chapter 1: A Strategy for Writing Your Federal Resume
Chapter 2: Work Experience and the Highly Successful Outline Format
Chapter 3: KSAs and Your Accomplishment Record in the Federal Resume
Chapter 4: Keywords in the Federal Resume
Chapter 5: Executive and Professional Federal Resumes, GS 13–15/SES
Chapter 6: Mid-Career Federal Resumes, GS 11–12
Chapter 7: Entry-Level Federal Resumes, GS 4–9
Chapter 8: Cover Letters for Federal Jobs

Part 2: Plain-Language Writing and Value-Added Lessons
Chapter 9: Plain-Language Writing Lessons
Chapter 10: Federal Agency Core Competencies

Part 3: KSAs in the Resume and Questionnaires
Chapter 11: KSAs in the Resume
Chapter 12: Navigating the Self-Assessment Questionnaires to Match Your Federal Resume

Part 4: Navigating Vacancy Announcements: Strategies to Match Your Federal Resume
Chapter 13: Vacancy Announcement Job Analysis Techniques
Chapter 14: Applying for a Federal Job: Resume Builders and Online Applications

Part 5: Resume Strategies for Federal Employees, Veterans, Contractors, and SES
Chapter 15: Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC) and PPP Federal Resumes
Chapter 16: Persons with Disabilities: Schedule A Letters
Chapter 17: Contractor to the Fed
Chapter 18: Change Occupational Series: Career Change
Chapter 19: DOD to Non-DOD Writing Strategies
Chapter 21: Veterans Federal Resume Writing Strategies
Chapter 22: Noncompetitive Appointment of Certain Military Spouses
Chapter 23: Senior Executive Service, Executive Core Qualifications
Chapter 24: 25+-Year-Career Federal Resumes
Chapter 25: Retirement Resumes

Part 6: The Successful Federal Job Interview
Chapter 24: KSAs for the Interview
Chapter 25: Behavior-Based Interview Preparation

Part 7: Federal Human Resources and Hiring Manager Strategies
Chapter 26: What Happens to Your Federal Resume?
Chapter 27: Writing Your Performance Evaluation

Author Bio

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman is the author of Federal Resume Guidebook and Creating Your High School Resume. She is the founder and president of The Resume Place, Inc., in Baltimore, Maryland, specializing in writing and designing professional federal and private-sector resumes, as well as coaching and educating on the federal hiring process. For the past 30 years, Troutman has managed her Professional Writing and Consulting Practice, Publishing and Federal Career Training business, and with her team of 20 Certified Federal Resume Writers, The Resume Place advises and writes more than 300 federal resumes per month for military, private industry, and federal clients worldwide.

Internationally recognized as the "Federal Resume Guru" by federal jobseekers and federal human resources specialists, Troutman created the outline format resume, which became the accepted federal resume standard in 1995.

Troutman is an in-demand, government contract career trainer, who has trained thousands of federal employees in writing federal resumes, KSAs, Resumix, USAJOBS and Quickhire resumes for more than 150 federal agencies in the United States and Europe. Her federal career training courses and publications are listed on the GSA Schedule for government agency purchase.

Troutman currently serves as Monster’s federal career coach expert and writes a monthly column. She has been quoted and published hundreds of times on the topic of federal resume writing and job search through syndicated news articles by Joyce Lain Kennedy and numerous career columnists. Troutman is a frequent guest on the Washington Post’s Federal Diary Live On-Line and FederalNewsRadio.com.

Troutman is a member of the Professional Resume Writing Association, National Resume Writer’s Association, Publisher’s Marketing Association, and the Association of Women’s Business Owners.

For interview requests or questions about Troutman, contact Selena Dehne at sdehne@jist.com or (651) 215-7548.