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Job Interview Success Video Series

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Job Interview Success Video Series
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This two-part video series helps job seekers of all ages and experience levels prepare for interviews and gain a competitive edge over other candidates. See below for descriptions on each of the videos in this series.

Winning Answers to Common Interview Questions

Interviewers have thousands of potential questions they might ask, but there are several key questions that seem to come up again and again. This video provides detailed, practical strategies for tackling many of the most common--and some of the more difficult--questions job seekers are likely to face, from "Tell me about a time when" scenarios to questions about soft skills, personal goals, and gaps in work history.

Each question is accompanied by example answers--both positive and negative--to give viewers a feel for how to best approach them. In addition, viewers are coached on how to formulate a step-by-step strategy that will allow them to answer any question that comes their way.

Step-by-Step Interview Success

Help job seekers tackle the interview process from start to finish with this comprehensive video, filled with expert advice and real-life scenarios.

Viewers will learn valuable strategies for excelling at each step of the interview, including:

  • advanced preparation and research
  • making a positive first impression
  • answering difficult interview questions
  • following up effectively
  • and considering a job offer

The video will help viewers see how every step of the interview process is an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and personality and to stand apart from the competition.

Supplemental Workbook

The Job Interview Success Workbook supports this video series, offering job seekers additional interviewing tips and self-evaluation exercises. Click here to learn more about the workbook.

Free Instructor's Guides

Each video includes a free online Instructor's Guide that provides presentation suggestions, quizzes and answers, activities, discussion questions, and homework options.

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