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Job Seeker's Workbook Second Edition

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Job Seeker's Workbook Second Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-428-4

Pages: 80

Edition: Second

Copyright: 2007 JIST Works

Size: 8.5 x 11

The Editors at JIST


This special workbook reinforces the main messages of welfare reform: Learn how to find a job and keep it. The workbook content is divided into four sections: Getting Started, Your Job Is Out There, Making a Good Impression, and Success That Lasts.

Job Seeker’s Workbook has many interactive worksheets, charts, and checklists. It is excellent for job seekers with a lower reading level or limited English skills (ESL/GED programs). The activities can be used in class or assigned as homework.

 With this workbook, readers learn to:

  •  Understand and set goals.
  • Recognize their job skills.
  • Organize their job searches and use job search tools.
  • Make contacts to discover available jobs.
  • Prepare and follow up for interviews.
  • Be successful on the job.

 This edition includes up-to-date, reorganized content; information on technology; helpful skills lists; and engaging worksheets.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Getting Started
Section 2: Your Job is Out There
Section 3: Making a Good Impression
Section 4: Success That Lasts

Author Bio

The Editors at JIST have dedicated their careers to helping people by making complicated occupational and job search information understandable, accessible, useful, and beneficial to readers at all levels. Together, they have more than 80 years of experience in writing, editing, teaching, training, supervision, libraries, and retail sales. They are deeply immersed in the career development field and are constantly on the lookout for the newest and most helpful books for job seekers.