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Transition to Work and Self-Sufficiency DVD Series

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Six-DVD series
Transition to Work and Self-Sufficiency DVD Series
ISBN: 978-1-59357-605-9

Length: 25 minutes each

Copyright: 2009 JIST Works

The Editors at JIST


To preview clips from the series, click on the links at the left to visit product pages for the individual DVDs in this series.

This empowering series is ideal for people in programs like TANF, voc rehab, and Ticket-to-Work; for anyone having trouble keeping a job; and for adults who have never worked or been out of the workforce for a long time.

Videos within the series can be purchased individually or together as part of the entire series.

The World of Work

Viewers learn what they need from a job and what they have to offer an employer. The DVD features tips for budgeting time and money, identifying job skills, and seeing through the eyes of an employer.

The Right Job for You

Building on concepts presented in The World of Work, this program teaches viewers how to set short- and long-term goals, methods for researching job objectives that fit their skills and interests, and how to develop a career plan for achieving these goals.

Job Seeker's Toolkit

This program shows how to assemble a job seeker's toolkit, beginning with the most important tool—a resume. Viewers learn about the type of resume that suits them best, the parts of a resume, and resume do's and don'ts for their situations. Cover letters, job applications, and portfolios are also covered.

The Job Search

This program explains effective ways to find job openings, including contacting employers directly, posting resumes online, and using a network of contacts. Viewers learn which job search techniques have the best results and how to create a job search plan for their situations.

The Job Interview

This DVD explains how to dress, get prepared, make a good impression, and deal with the most common interview questions. Viewers learn how to make the most of their strengths and minimize liabilities for job interview success.

The Real Work Begins

This program teaches viewers how to keep the jobs they find and establish themselves as valuable employees in the workplace. Viewers learn do's and don'ts for their on-the-job success, as well as how to exceed their employer's expectations.

Author Bio

The Editors at JIST have dedicated their careers to helping people by making complicated occupational and job search information understandable, accessible, useful, and beneficial to readers at all levels. Together, they have more than 80 years of experience in writing, editing, teaching, training, supervision, libraries, and retail sales. They are deeply immersed in the career development field and are constantly on the lookout for the newest and most helpful books for job seekers.