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Keys to Getting Hired Video Series

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Keys to Getting Hired Video Series - Complete Three-Part Program on One DVD
ISBN: 978-1-63332-053-6
Keys to Getting Hired - Job Search Steps That Get Results
ISBN: 978-1-63332-050-5
Keys to Getting Hired - Resumes and Cover Letters That Work
ISBN: 978-1-63332-051-2
Keys to Getting Hired - Ace the Interview and Get the Job
ISBN: 978-1-63332-052-9
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Keys to Getting Hired Video Series - access code delivered via email - 1-year license from time of activation
ISBN: 978-1-63332-207-3
Online videos through JIST Gateway
Keys to Getting Hired Video Series - access code delivered via email - renewal of 1-year license - call 800.328.1452 to order
ISBN: 978-1-63332-209-7

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Length: 38 minutes (complete three-part program)

Copyright: 2016

Praxis Media Group


Job seekers who are proactive in the job search land better jobs in less time. With the help of this video series, your clients or students can too! Career coaches and former job seekers will teach your clients or students the most effective ways to uncover job leads, connect with employers, and demonstrate why they should be hired.

Three programs in one!

Job Search Steps that Get Results

Viewers discover how to make the most of their time and efforts in the job search. In this program, they will learn how to expand their network, find open positions, stay motivated, and overcome employment obstacles.

Resumes and Cover Letters that Work 
Your clients' or students' resumes and cover letters have an important job to do: to quickly convince employers to contact them. In this program, viewers will discover how to customize these documents to effectively introduce themselves to employers. Viewers will learn about different types of resumes and get career coaches’ top tips for creating, formatting, and submitting resumes and cover letters.

Ace the Interview and Get the Job
Research, practice, and preparation are essential for interview success. This program will help your clients or students master these important steps and know what to expect in different types of interviews. Viewers will learn how to make a great first impression and convince employers they are the right person to hire.



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Customer Testimonials

"An excellent guidance title for job seekers, this is highly recommended."
Video Librarian (September/October 2015 issue)