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Re-Employment Success Inventory

Identify Skills and Strategies for Workforce Reentry

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Re-Employment Success Inventory
ISBN: 978-1-63332-060-4
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Re-Employment Success Inventory - JIST Gateway online assessment – access key delivered via email
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Re-Employment Success Inventory - See below for information about ordering a print sample.
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Online sample
Re-Employment Success Inventory - JIST Gateway online assessment – access key delivered via email
ISBN: 978-1-63332-059-8
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Copyright: 2016

Size: 8.5 x 11

John J Liptak, EdD


Dealing with job loss is difficult, and each of your client’s reactions to unemployment is unique.

With JIST’s new assessment, the Re-Employment Success Inventory, your clients can identify how they are effectively coping with unemployment and how they are not. They will also develop skills and strategies for quickly re-entering the workforce.

Your clients can complete the RESI in 20 minutes or less!

  • Step one: Respond to 50 statements
  • Step two: Score responses.
  • Step three: Profile scores in five unemployment coping categories.
  • Step four: Reflect on ways to more effectively deal with unemployment.
  • Step five: Create a re-employment success plan.

Topics covered

The RESI addresses five major stress-related areas of unemployment.

  • Stress management:
    Effectiveness in managing stress and the symptoms that accompany stress
  • Money management:
    Effectiveness in dealing with spending, saving, and managing finances while unemployed
  • Social support:
    Effectiveness in developing a system of people and resources for support in the transition from unemployment to employment
  • Job search:
    Effectiveness in developing a job search plan that utilizes a variety of strategies and resources
  • Career plan:
    Effectiveness in rethinking your career development, having a comprehensive career plan, and setting short- and long-term career goals

Benefits to using the RESI

  • You will identify each client’s unique needs and can tailor your employment services to address those needs.
  • Clients can easily complete this self-directed tool without needing instructions from you. The RESI is ideal for programs that are short on time and staff.
  • Available in print or online, the RESI is available for your clients to access anytime, anywhere.
  • A free administrator’s guide includes additional information about how to help your clients overcome the stress of unemployment and reenter the workforce.

Want to see a print sample?

To request a complimentary print sample, contact your JIST account manager.

Author Bio

John Liptak, Ed.D., has written several books and best-selling assessments for JIST. He is one of the leading developers of quantitative and qualitative assessments in the country and is the associate director of the Experiential Learning and Career Development office at Radford University in Radford, Virginia.

He provides career assessment and career counseling services for students. He also helps them develop portfolios and search for employment and internship opportunities that match their interests and values. Liptak focuses on teaching students about the connections between career development and learning, leisure, and work experiences.

He consults on the development of assessments for schools and agencies around the country and has developed specialized assessment instruments for use with clients. He is a regular speaker at national and international conventions on assessment development and is also a JIST-certified trainer.

For interview requests or questions about Liptak, contact Selena Dehne at sdehne@jist.com or (574) 540-9154.