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Passport to Career Success

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Passport to Career Success Participant Workbook 10-day eSample
ISBN: JST000830
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Passport to Career Success Facilitator's Guide 10-day eSample
ISBN: JST000824
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Pkg 20 Workbooks, 1 Faclitator's Guide
Passport to Career Success Pkg
ISBN: 978-1-59357-979-1
Print Edition
Passport to Career Success Facilitator's Guide
ISBN: 978-1-59357-970-8
Print Edition
Passport to Career Success Participant Workbook
ISBN: 978-1-59357-971-5
eBook Edition
Passport to Career Success Facilitator’s Guide eBook 1 year license
ISBN: 978-1-59357-973-9
eBook Edition
Passport to Career Success Participant eWorkbook 1 year license
ISBN: 978-1-59357-977-7

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Copyright: 2015

Ann Cross and Martha Lanaghen

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The Passport to Career Success program includes eight compelling workshops to help individuals learn and master the important skills required to become successfully employed. The complete Facilitator’s Guide is designed to conduct meaningful workshops through a step-by-step guide with talking points and seminar evaluations. Additional facilitator resources, such as PowerPoint presentations, can be accessed on the JIST Internet Resource Center. Pair with the additional Participant Workbooks to encourage participation!

Passport to Career Success Package includes 20 Participant Workbooks and 1 Facilitator's Guide.

Workshop topics include:

Social Media: Get Noticed and Get Hired
Educate workshop attendees on how to create a personal brand and how to implement a professional online presence. The workshop also explains common online pitfalls to avoid. Participants will see examples of what not to publish online.

Time Management: Budget Your Time and Get More Done
From writing lists to organizing tasks, and everything in between! This workshop is the perfect way to introduce excellent and highly productive habits that will ultimately lead to success in the workplace.

Professionalism: Unlock Your Potential with Soft Skills
Show the importance of professional behavior! This workshop provides participants with powerful tools to assess their own professionalism and set a course to build the skills and behaviors that will help them find and keep a good job.

Teamwork: Master the Art of Collaboration
Employers are looking for evidence that their employees can work effectively on team projects and interact well with their peers, but many people do not have this skillset. This workshop demonstrates how teamwork can improve outcomes, and it gives participants critical tools to build their teamwork skills.

Resume: Be Your Own Publicist
Although the traditional resume has transitioned to an electronic platform, it is essential to create a summary of skills and overview of experience in order to catch an employer’s attention. This workshop helps participants collect the information that they need to create an attention-grabbing resume and electronic profile.

Job Search: Focus, Find, and Get the Job
Successful job searches no longer rely solely on classified ads, or even electronic or web-based job boards. This workshop identifies current tools that can be used to conduct an effective job search. Participants will also create an action plan to begin their search.

Interviews: Present Your Best Self
Without a successful interview, your clients will not secure the job they want. This workshop engages participants by having them identify critical answers to common interview questions. It also provides information on current dos and don’ts of interviewing.

Internships: Make Your Experience Count
This workshop focuses on important skills to prepare job seekers for their on-the-job learning experience, and also reinforces the importance of that learning environment.

Facilitators can access free instructor tools at the Internet Resource Center.