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People at Work! Second Edition

A Student's A–Z Guide to 350 Jobs

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People at Work! Second Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-078-1

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Pages: 432

Edition: Second

Copyright: 2005 JIST Works

Size: 11 x 8.5

The Editors at JIST


Dez the Dawg is bored. Dez needs a career to make his life fun. But choosing a job isn't easy; there are so many different kinds of jobs. 

 This bright, colorful career resource for the elementary grades features first-person narratives of people in 350 jobs. The job descriptions in People at Work! present career information at a level that students can understand. Each worker tells students a story about what it's really like to have a job. The stories present career information in an entertaining and amusing way. In addition, People at Work!  meets National Career Development Guidelines.

The guidebook is completely updated and ideal for improving career awareness and reading. It is organized alphabetically, includes information on 12 career clusters, and uses the latest U.S. Department of Labor statistics presented in a child-friendly format. The material is perfect for elementary school career awareness and helps students practice and improve their reading skills. As they read, students will start thinking about their futures early!

  • Includes new technical and medical jobs.
  • Updated throughout, including related school subjects, salary, education needed, and outlook.
  • Lists addresses and websites for further research—great as in-class activity or as homework.
  • New vocabulary element for each cluster.

Each job description includes:

  • First-person narrative.
  • Information about the workplace, tools used, and daily routines.
  • Related school subjects to study.
  • Salary, education required, projected outlook.
  • Colorful cartoons and illustrations to keep student interest.

Each cluster description includes:

  • Definition of cluster.
  • Simple interest assessment.
  • Photos of workers that promote equality.
  • Activities to help students match their interests to a career group.
  • Vocabulary words to look up.
  • Addresses and Web sites for more research.
Sample Job Narrative

Computer Graphics Specialists
I design video games for a living. I'm a computer graphics specialist. I'm a lot like an artist. But I don't use paint and a brush. I make art by using my computer screen. I can draw images with my mouse or other special computer attachments. I have a camera that can take pictures directly into my computer. I have a scanner to translate photos that have already been taken into computer images. I can change them around once they are in my computer. I can change the colors or even the way the pictures look. I could take a picture of you and make it look like you were standing on top of the Empire State Building. I could even make you look blue or draw horns on your head. It's amazing what I can do with a computer. I have special software to help me animate the pictures. I use this a lot when I'm making a video game. I have to keep up on all the latest software. The technology is changing every day. My job is great. I get to be creative all the time. The only limit is my imagination.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Walk with Dez on His Journey Through Jobs
Chapter 2: Jobs A-Z
Chapter 3: Learn About Job Families

Author Bio

The Editors at JIST have dedicated their careers to helping people by making complicated occupational and job search information understandable, accessible, useful, and beneficial to readers at all levels. Together, they have more than 80 years of experience in writing, editing, teaching, training, supervision, libraries, and retail sales. They are deeply immersed in the career development field and are constantly on the lookout for the newest and most helpful books for job seekers.

"Because this is a source for students, the Editors have gone out of their way to present this guidebook in an entertaining and conversational style....Highly recommended."
—American Reference Books Annual