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Job Search Attitude Inventory, Fifth Edition

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Job Search Attitude Inventory Fifth Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-982-1
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Job Search Attitude Inventory - JIST Gateway online assessment – access key delivered via email
ISBN: 978-1-63332-037-6
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Job Search Attitude Inventory Fifth Edition - See below for information about obtaining a print sample.
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Job Search Attitude Inventory - JIST Gateway online assessment – access key delivered via email
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Edition: Fifth

Copyright: 2015 JIST Publishing, INC

Size: 8.5 x 11

John J. Liptak, Ed.D.

Self-scoring, self-interpreting, consumable, no other components needed.

When it comes to finding a job, attitude is everything. Most job coaches and counselors would agree that a person's mindset and motivation when looking for a job are the keys to finding one quickly. The Job Search Attitude Inventory (JSAI) helps individuals identify their attitudes about looking for a job and then offers suggestions for becoming more active and self-directed in the job search.

The JSAI asks job seekers whether they agree or disagree with 40 statements about the job search process. Users then profile their scores in five categories: luck vs. planning, uninvolved vs. involved, help from others vs. self-help, passive vs. active, and optimistic vs. pessimistic. The assessment helps them to identify mental and attitudinal barriers that might be keeping them from finding work and discover strategies for improving their attitudes and re-energizing their job searches.

This edition adds a fifth scale (optimistic vs. pessimistic) and includes revised items and instructions and additional tips for improving one's outlook and increasing one's job search success.


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Author Bio

John Liptak, Ed.D., has written several books and best-selling assessments for JIST. He is one of the leading developers of quantitative and qualitative assessments in the country and is the associate director of the Experiential Learning and Career Development office at Radford University in Radford, Virginia.

He provides career assessment and career counseling services for students. He also helps them develop portfolios and search for employment and internship opportunities that match their interests and values. Liptak focuses on teaching students about the connections between career development and learning, leisure, and work experiences.

He consults on the development of assessments for schools and agencies around the country and has developed specialized assessment instruments for use with clients. He is a regular speaker at national and international conventions on assessment development and is also a JIST-certified trainer.

For interview requests or questions about Liptak, contact Becky Wagner at rwagner@emcp.com or (651) 215-7516.