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Reentry Success Package

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Reentry Success Package

Individuals who have been incarcerated face many challenges when transitioning back into society and searching for jobs. Guidance tailored to their unique situations is more effective in helping them overcome obstacles and on the right track to success in their communities and workplaces.

The Reentry Success Package features a collection of resources that work well together to help formerly incarcerated individuals prepare for reentry and avoid recidivism. These resources include:

We recommend using the Offender Reintegration Scale to identify the challenges former offenders face upon release and reentry into society.

With the Road to Reentry Video Series, former offenders gain valuable tips and advice for overcoming barriers to a successful reentry. The series addresses connecting with family and community, meeting basic needs, making healthy choices, finding employment, and succeeding on the job.

The Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders booklet gives offenders even more comprehensive guidance about the techniques that are most effective for finding job leads and securing employment.