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Soft Skills Solutions Package

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Soft Skills Solutions eSample - includes all seven booklets in the series - 10-day access - access code delivered via email
ISBN: JST000870
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Soft Skills Solutions Package - includes all seven booklets in the series
ISBN: 978-1-59357-962-3
Soft Skills Solutions Package eBook - includes all seven eBooks in the series - 1-year license - access code delivered via email
ISBN: 978-1-63332-020-8

The Soft Skills Solutions program helps individuals develop the critical soft skills needed for getting hired quickly, being career ready, and staying employed.

Each booklet in the program introduces the soft skills necessary for success in business and explains their role in employment success. Individuals work through self-assessment activities and practice exercises throughout the program to attain mastery of the top soft skills employers seek in today’s workforce.

Each booklet in the program is available individually or in a package of 10 copies. The Soft Skills Solutions Package includes one copy of each booklet in the program. These booklets include:

Stepping Stones to Success! Goals and Attitude
Master goal-setting techniques and strategies for influencing the workplace with a professional attitude.

Make Yourself Heard! Professional Communication Skills
Understand the role communication plays in achieving success in the workplace and become a powerful communicator.

How You Act & Dress Matters! Professional Etiquette and Image
Learn the importance of a professional appearance and how to exhibit common courtesies at work.

Wake Up & Work! Keys to Self-Management
Implement strategies for practicing good time-management skills.

Demonstrate Your Value through Collaboration! Teamwork & Motivation
Learn the 10 most desirable characteristics of an effective teammate and practice those skills.

Play Nice & Stay Employed! Workplace Relationships and Conflicts
Understand workplace hierarchies and how to manage negotiation and workplace politics.

Lead with Integrity! Leadership and Ethics
Discover the importance of ethics in business and how to display leadership skills.

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