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Find Your Federal Job Fit

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Find Your Federal Job Fit
ISBN: 978-1-59357-834-3

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Pages: 256

Copyright: 2012 JIST Works

Size: 6 x 9

Janet Ruck and Karol Taylor


Many people know that federal jobs are often a hot ticket to good pay, great benefits, security, and a flexible schedule. Yet, few have any idea which federal jobs fall into this category, let alone the type of jobs that suit them best.

This guide demystifies the career-decision-making process and gives valuable insight about government job seeking. The first part of this book discusses how to find the right occupation, develop a vision for your career, assess yourself, develop essential skills, and create a career plan. The second part overviews the federal government as an employer. Readers learn about jobs' benefits and locations, discover how to match themselves to jobs and agencies, and uncover which skills the government prefers most.

The authors reveal insider advice on the federal hiring process, including guidance on resumes, interviewing, networking, vacancy announcements, distinguishing yourself, and common mistakes federal jobs seekers make.

Table of Contents

Part I: Understanding Federal Job Search Basics
Chapter 1: 11 Common Mistakes That Federal Job Seekers Make
Chapter 2: The Federal Government as an Employer

Part II: Understanding Yourself
Chapter 3: Knowing Yourself: Who Are You, Really?
Chapter 4: Developing Your Career Identity: Why Do You Work?

Part III: Getting Familiar with Federal Opportunities
Chapter 5: Introducing Federal Departments and Agencies and Federal Jobs
Chapter 6: Skills the Federal Government Is Seeking

Part IV: Translating YOU to the Federal Government
Chapter 7: Finding Your Fit in the Federal Government
Chapter 8: Closing Your Skills Gap
Chapter 9: Creating Your Career Plan

Part V: Getting a Federal Job
Chapter 10: The Federal Job Application Process: Worth the Effort
Chapter 11: Interviewing for a Federal Job


Author Bio

Janet Ruck is a career coach with many years of experience training and counseling students and adults in developing visions and goals for career choice and life passions. She retired from the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in 2003 as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service with a rank of captain.

During her federal career, she was granted one of the highest HHS awards for achievement of department and agency goals, management capability, and program and human resource development. She is a certified Job and Career Transition Coach with Master’s Degrees in clinical psychology and business administration.

In her private practice, Ruck assists adults in finding careers that best use their talents, skills, and passions. As a Senior Career Consultant and Trainer for a federal agency, she assists federal employees in writing resumes; finding work that fits them within the federal system; using her career transition services; and choosing a retirement career. She conducts workshops and provides consultation on career planning, interviewing, individual development planning, resume writing, and federal job search techniques.

Ruck regularly presents on networking, goal-setting, career management and job search techniques to a variety of audiences, including adults in transition, college seniors, college faculty, and university graduate students. She also leads a variety of workshops and presents at conferences.

She is the former president of the Maryland Career Development Association and served as its newsletter editor.

Karol Taylor has more than 28 years of federal service, including 17 years in career advising,  and brings a broad perspective and insider expertise to the federal career management process, including knowledge and understanding of federal HR policies and procedures.

Taylor is a two-time recipient of the coveted Department of Health and Human Service’s Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Services. She also received numerous Assistant Secretary’s Awards from DHHS’s Administration for Children and Families, and a Federal Training Officer’s Award for innovative programming.

Working for a small government agency provided Taylor with experience in a broad scope of career counseling/advising services. To adapt to changing agency needs, she researched, developed, and implemented a unique Learning Action Plan styled after the Individual Development Plan. She also researched and developed a policy that addressed agency-identified career competencies. She participated as agency liaison to departmental initiatives where she helped create the award-winning HHS Emergency Leaders/Federal Career Internship Program.

Taylor has worked with federal employees to plan, analyze, and evaluate their careers. She assisted employees in addressing motivation and attitude issues, thus gaining insight into the skills they bring to the workplace and helping them meet job requirements.

She provides career-related workshops including federal job search, federal-resume writing, behavior-based federal interviewing, and KSA-writing skills for Baltimore County Workforce Development, Community College of Baltimore County, Prince George’s County Community College (PGCC), and PGCC’s Next Step Welfare-to-Work Program.

For the past four years, she has provided federal outplacement services for the Census Bureau, GSA, FAA, Comptroller of the Currency, FedServe, and DOD. She has provided on-site career counseling and consultant services, career workshops, outplacement assistance, and transition planning for top-level senior staff to clerical staff.

For interview requests or questions about Ruck or Taylor, contact Selena Dehne at sdehne@jist.com or (651) 215-7548.