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The 9-to-5 Cure

Work on Your Own Terms and Reinvent Your Life

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The 9-to-5 Cure
ISBN: 978-1-59357-807-7

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Pages: 224

Copyright: 2011 JIST Works

Size: 6 x 9

Kristin Cardinale, Ph.D.


Do you dream about having the kind of career that lets you set your own schedule, work where you want, and pick and choose your projects? This inspiring guide makes those dreams a reality!

Learn how to achieve flexible, lucrative work without a traditional full-time job. Through proven, manageable steps, discover how to make your skills irresistible to employers and clients; market yourself in unique, attention-getting ways; and generate nonstop momentum and leads.

Table of Contents

Part I: Escape Your Reality
Chapter 1: The Life of Your Dreams
Chapter 2: Realizing That Old Dream Isn’t Worth Realizing
Chapter 3: Charting a New Course
Chapter 4: The 9-to-5 Cure Equation

Part II: Live the Life of Your Dreams
Chapter 5: Career Myopia and Other Misperceptions
Chapter 6: The Framework—Lifestyle Design Part III: Work on Purpose
Chapter 7: The Headlines—Survivalnomics
Chapter 8: A New Strategy—The Patchwork Principle
Chapter 9: Guiding Beliefs of the Patchwork Principle
Chapter 10: The Mindset of the Successful Patchworker

Part IV: Make It Happen
Chapter 11: Take Inventory and Build Your Brand
Chapter 12: Go Fish
Chapter 13: Stand and Deliver
Chapter 14: Negotiate—Everything! Part V: Think It Through
Chapter 15: Do You Have What It Takes?
Chapter 16: Consider the Drawbacks
Chapter 17: Plan Your Escape and Get Out of There Part VI: Set Up Shop
Chapter 18: Get Your Move On
Chapter 19: Meeting Uncle Sam and Other Necessities
Chapter 20: Parting Thoughts

Author Bio

Kristin Cardinale is an optimist, columnist, career coach, consultant, technology instructor, adjunct college professor, seminar speaker, owner of a small technical support business, and serial entrepreneur.

She is living the life of her dreams, working on her own terms and thankful for her many blessings. She formerly worked at several colleges and universities in the U.S. as an International Educator and owned and operated a national seminar business, which served International Educators from more than 200 colleges, universities, government agencies, and public corporations.

She has lived, worked, studied, and traveled to more than 20 countries in every corner of the globe and hopes to someday visit the last continent on her list, Antarctica.

For interview requests or questions about Cardinale, contact Selena Dehne at sdehne@jist.com or (651) 215-7548.

“We are at a crossroads for both employers and job seekers, and this book is perfect for those seeking greater control, fulfillment, and rewards from their careers and lives. Dr. Kristin Cardinale takes readers on a journey that shows how to leave the weary world of full-time employment for a life focused around what’s most important to you. Kristin provides concrete steps to make the leap, including detailed information and ideas for taking your concept from fruition to reality.”
—Dr. Randall S. Hansen, Founder and President , Quintessential Careers

“A fantastic resource for anyone considering alternative work arrangements! Kristin provides great tools to help you gain insight into what you really want from work—not based on lofty ideals but based on what’s truly important in your life and the relationship between those priorities. The book highlights…the big picture of finding a job that fits your life while integrating healthy conversation about the details of how to approach, apply, and achieve your goals.”
—Sara Sutton Fell, CEO, FlexJobs.com

“I've read a lot of ‘taking charge of your career and your life’ books, but this one is truly different. It's a special combination of what, why, and how to reinvent yourself—ranging from the philosophical to the very practical, like how to set up a website, negotiate your hourly rate, and fish for clients. Kristin Cardinale has written a wonderfully easy-to-read prescription that will definitely cure you of the 9-to-5 curse. She will help you sort out what you want to do, how to lay out a new life plan, and how to make it happen.”
—James Ware, executive producer, Work Design Collaborative and the Future of Work program

“Many of us look longingly at the independence of an entrepreneurial or freelance career but don’t quite know how to make the leap. It feels unattainable because we don’t have the right skills or don’t know where we would find clients. The 9-to-5 Cure is a take-action, accessible guide for anyone ready for a serious career transformation that takes advantage of the latest technology and trends. It’s filled with inspiration and practical advice for the person who has the will but is not sure of the way. Dr. Kristin Cardinale’s book is current, well-thought-out and truly inspiring. It will take you from career envy to reality in 18 chapters.”
—Ellen Pack, vice president of Marketing, Elance

“The 9-to-5 Cure is a real gem in a market filled with fluff and theory. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to design a business and lifestyle that are aligned with what matters most to them—and written by someone who really knows her stuff. Cardinale’s ideas, tips and strategies are practical, actionable and fundamentally sound. If you’re ready to make a commitment to change the way you work and play, this book is an excellent place to start.”
—Ed Gandia, co-author of The Wealthy Freelancer and co-founder of International Freelancers Day