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Assessing Employment Barriers Package

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Assessing Employment Barriers Package

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Counselors and instructors can quickly and easily assess—and receive suggestions for improvement—the three most important barriers for job seekers and students: environmental, attitudinal, and job search knowledge. These three powerful assessments not only uncover weak areas, they also provide helpful suggestions for improvement. The end result is a client or student with higher self-esteem and self-efficacy, greater self-knowledge, and a much better sense of what steps to take next.

This package includes:

  • 1 pkg (25 copies) of Barriers to Employment Success Inventory
  • 1 pkg (25 copies) of Job Search Attitude Inventory, Fifth Edition
  • 1 pkg (25 copies) of Job Search Knowledge Scale, Third Edition

Barriers to Employment Success Inventory

The BESI is a simple, cost-effective way to identify and document key employment barriers! Test-takers rate 50 simple statements (such as "Learning to deal with anger" and "Returning to school to improve my chances to work"), then self-score these items into five categories. Scores for each cluster are put on a graphic profile, making it easy to identify problem areas. The five barriers are personal, physical and psychological, career planning, job seeking skills, and education and training. The final panel suggests ways to overcome barriers and helps test-takers create action plans, a step often overlooked in other assessments. These plans can be used in group or individual career counseling.

Job Search Attitude Inventory, Second Edition

A person's attitude when looking for a job is the most important part of finding employment. The JSAI helps individuals identify their key attitudes about looking for a job and consider suggestions for becoming more active and self-directed in the job search. The JSAI asks job seekers whether they agree or disagree with 32 statements about the job search process. Job seekers then place their scores on a graphic profile of four attitude categories: luck vs. planning, uninvolved vs. involved, help from others vs. self-help, and passive vs. active. The JSAI is especially helpful for determining and improving an individual's motivation to find a job. Use the JSAI before the job search process or during a stalled or slow job search. Works under the premise that attitude is everything.

Job Search Knowledge Scale

This assessment helps you determine how much you know about looking for work. Do you know how to most quickly and effectively find a job? The JSKS also gives you guidance on the job search methods that work best so that you can find a job faster. Respond to the 60 true/false statements on this practical new assessment and learn the topics on which you need more information or instruction for the most effective job search. Space is provided for a Job Search Journal and Job Search Goals. Makes an ideal pre-test and post-test!