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Things to Know About Spending and Saving Money

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Things to Know About Spending and Saving Money
ISBN: 978-0-82513-830-0

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Pages: 80

Size: 8.5 x 11

Richard S. Kimball


Reproducible activities help students learn to budget, pay rent, buy food at the supermarket, take out loans, invest money, pay with credit cards, and much more.

Each activity uses a short story or dilemma to introduce the topic, and related activities review vocabulary and check comprehension. Discussion questions and writing suggestions help students apply what they've learned to everyday situations. Grade 4 reading level—use these activities with a wide range of students starting a middle school. Effective with low-reading-level adults.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Spending Limits
Chapter 2: Budget Basics
Chapter 3: Budget Categories
Chapter 4: A Place to Live
Chapter 5: Paying for Utilities
Chapter 6: Shoppers’ Choices
Chapter 7: In the Supermarket
Chapter 8: Saving on Clothes
Chapter 9: Thoughts on Transportation
Chapter 10: Money Emergencies
Chapter 11: About Insurance
Chapter 12: Discretionary Income
Chapter 13: Sales Promotions
Chapter 14: Spending at Home
Chapter 15: Free Entertainment
Chapter 16: Renting This and Buying That
Chapter 17: Paying for Health
Chapter 18: Giving Money and Hours
Chapter 19: Investing Money
Chapter 20: Credit Cards
Chapter 21: Warranties and Complaints
Chapter 22: Taxes
Chapter 23: In Time of Trouble
Chapter 24: Learning More