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Ultimate Classroom Management Handbook Second Edition

A Veteran Teacher's Instant Techniques for Solving Adolescent Student Misbehavior

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Ultimate Classroom Management Handbook Second Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-896-1

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Pages: 304

Edition: Second

Copyright: 2012 JIST Works

Size: 7.5 x 9.25

Dave Foley


"Lack of student discipline" is a top problem facing schools, according to Gallup Polls. Some might be quick to assume that novice teachers struggle the most to manage student misbehavior, but in reality veteran educators are plagued with this dilemma as well.

This fix-it manual, written by an award-winning educator and classroom management coach, targets student disruptions and teaching inefficiencies and empowers educators to regain control over their classrooms. Teachers will learn how to deal with common behavior problems so that discipline is immediate, the problem ends without paperwork or conferences, and the lesson can continue. Written primarily for those teaching grades 6–12, the Ultimate Classroom Management Handbook describes real situations and tells teachers exactly what to say and do, which removes the uncertainty that often occurs when teachers are grappling with discipline issues.

This realistic guidebook is unique because it isn't based on theory and wasn't written in hindsight, years after the author left the classroom. It was drafted while the author was teaching in the trenches, and was enhanced while the author was coaching fellow educators on how to run a chaos-free classroom.

This edition offers new and expanded coverage on many critical topics, including how to talk to kids; take charge; maintain order; handle the unseen disrupter; deal with stealing; work with senior-high students; handle texting, cell phones, and the changing role of technology in the classroom; manage lab classes; and working with parents.

Table of Contents

Part I: Helping Students to Behave
Chapter 1: Managing Student Behavior
Chapter 2: Using the Stay-After-Class Threat Effectively
Chapter 3: Making Seat Assignments
Chapter 4: Using Peer Pressure to Improve Behavior
Chapter 5: Handling Common Problems
Chapter 6: Dealing with Disruption
Chapter 7: Confronting Moral and Ethical Issues
Chapter 8: Providing Incentives to Behave

Part II: Improving the Learning Environment
Chapter 9: Connecting with Your Students
Chapter 10: Answering the Hard Questions Every Teacher Is Asked
Chapter 11: Preparing Students to Work
Chapter 12: Providing an Environment for Achievement
Chapter 13: Rewarding Academic Success
Chapter 14: Managing Your Classroom
Chapter 15: Conducting a Class Discussion
Chapter 16: Teaching in All Seasons
Chapter 17: Working with Parents
Chapter 18: Preparing for a Substitute Teacher

Author Bio

Recognized as an "Outstanding Person in Education," Dave Foley is the expert thousands of educators and administrators across the nation have turned to for help on getting their classrooms under control. He is a leading classroom management coach, an award-winning educator, and an engaging presenter.

Foley's expertise is grounded in the 29 years of experience he had teaching English and social studies at junior high and middle schools in Cadillac, Michigan. Like all teachers, Foley faced daily behavioral challenges from students. Because of his ability to address these issues through innovative and effective classroom management techniques, Foley has earned acclaim as an exceptional educator. As an author and career management coach, Foley shares these solutions with novice teachers and veteran educators who, despite being highly trained and experienced, struggle to run a chaos-free classroom.

As a result of his success in the classroom, as well as the vast improvement of educators he's trained, Foley has been invited to present numerous workshops and conferences, including appearances at the National Tech Prep Network Conference, Student Teacher Fire-Up Conference, Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals Conference, and Michigan Elementary and Secondary Principals Association Conference. In addition, Foley's advice has been featured several times in magazines published by the National Education Association.

Foley holds a master's degree in Guidance and Counseling from Michigan State University and has countless hours of experience dealing with adolescents in non-academic settings. He coached varsity cross country for 27 years and varsity track for nine years. Before becoming a teacher, Foley worked as a camp counselor. He has recently returned to the camp setting, where he presents workshops to camp staff designed to help them deal effectively with camper behavior problems.

To request an interview with Dave Foley, contact Selena Dehne at sdehne@jist.com or (651) 215-7548.