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Pathfinder Fourth Edition

Exploring Career and Educational Paths

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Pathfinder Fourth Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-747-6

Pages: 128

Edition: Fourth

Copyright: 2010 JIST Works

Size: 8.5 x 11

Norene Lindsay

Order 20 or more copies of the workbook and receive a free copy of Pathfinder Teacher's Guide CD-ROM.

With this workbook, students explore the 14 career interests groups and their values and preferences so they can make informed education and career choices.

Pathfinder helps young people explore their options such as getting a job right out of high school, receiving job training beyond high school, or going to college. It also includes advice on scheduling courses and activities to help meet long-term career goals.

Young people will learn about the skills needed in school and work. They will identify their own skills and discover how to improve them. Foundation skills from the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) Report are used to illustrate the link between education and jobs.

This edition includes updated information on the 14 career interest areas from JIST's New Guide for Occupational Information; integration of technology jobs throughout; and many new activities including several SCANS skill activities.

Table of Contents

Introduction: You and the World You Live In


Career Paths
Discovering Your Career Interest Groups

   Understanding and Taking the Career Interest Assessment
   Understanding Your Assessment Results
   Learning About Your Career Interest Group Choices
   Career Interest Groups Worksheet
   Career Interest Group Descriptions
   Starting an Individual Career Plan


More Paths to Follow
Focusing Your Career Choices

   Group Jobs by Data/Ideas, People, and Thinks
   Data/Ideas, People, and Things Groups on the Job
   Thinking About Work Values
   Choosing a Work Environment
   Jobs That Fit Your Physical Needs
   Avoiding Gender Stereotypes
   Choosing a Nontraditional Career
   More Choices for Your Individual Career Plan


Educational Paths
Linking Education and Careers

   Will You Get the Job?: The Role of Core Academic Skills
   What Do Pre-Employment Tests Show You?
   Linking Core Academic Skills and Jobs
   The Core Academic Skills: Reasoning, Math, and Language
   Reasoning, Math, and Language Skill Level Definitions
   Record Your Skill Levels
   More Core Skills: Work Habits and Interpersonal Skills
   Evaluating Your Work Habits and Interpersonal Skills
   Improving Your Work Habits and Interpersonal Skills
   Job-Related Skills for the Future
   Exploring the Tech Prep Path
   Is the Tech Prep or Tech Prep +2 Path Right for You?
   Exploring the College Prep Path
   Is the College Prep Path Right for You?
   Understanding Career Ladders: Be Ready to Move Up!
   More Data for Your Individual Career Plan


Researching Careers
Matching Your Choices with Jobs

   How Do You Research Specific Jobs?
   What Job Should You Research?
   Job Lists by Career Interest Groups
   Where Can You Find Career Information?
   Career Research Activity Sheet
   Don’t Forget Your Individual Career Plan


Planning for the Future
Keeping Records

   Individual Career Plan
   High School Plan

“Pathfinder provides comprehensive and relevant career information, including nontraditional career and tech-prep career options, with the technological revolution given full coverage, plus accompanying learning activities to foster understanding of the concepts.”
—Shirley McLean, Ph.D., Center for Technical Education, Leominster, Pennsylvania