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Young Person's Occupational Outlook Handbook Package

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Young Person's Occupational Outlook Handbook Package

Based on the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook, this popular guidebook is ideal for helping young people explore careers. It groups together related job descriptions, making it easy to study job options based on interests. The text stresses the connection between school subjects and needed job skills—important in school-to-career research.

The book is grouped into 11 sections based on the main elements of the latest OOH. Within each section are one-page descriptions of related jobs within the category. Each job description includes:

  • A brief description of the job.
  • Details on working conditions.
  • School subjects related to the job.
  • Suggested activities for "trying out" the job.
  • Information on earnings, education or training needed, and employment outlook.
  • "Something Extra": A fun and interesting fact related to the job.

 Key Features and Benefits

  • Updated to reflect the most recent edition of the OOH.
  • Describes more than 270 jobs that cover more than 88 percent of the workforce.
  • Attractive graphics and presentation that appeal to younger audiences.
  • Entertaining and fun content that engages readers as they learn.
  • Includes job title index.